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 Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Movies

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Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Movies Empty
PostSubject: Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Movies   Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Movies EmptySat 18 Apr 2009 - 14:41

Here discuss your favorite comic book/superhero movies.
You can also talk about the ones you absolutely hated.

My all time favorite movie based off any superhero would have to be the Dark Knight!
It had amazing action scenes, and greatest comic book villain ever, it was just an epic masterpiece.

Iron Man is my second favorite.
Awesome costume, great effects, and the story was true to the comics.

I think my favorite Comic Book trilogy so far would have to be X-Men.
Even tho X3 was a bit of a disappointment, they still gave us some cool characters , and great action.
X2 would have to be my all time favorite out of the 3, mainly because of Night Crawler.
The opening seen in 2 was amazing.
I remember seeing that for the first time in the theaters, I was in aw!

The Spider-Man trilogy is my 2nd favorite trilogy so far.
I am a huge Spider-Man fan.
There are some things I hate about the films , but overall as a series their pretty sweet!
I think Spider-Man 2 would have to be my favorite.
Good action, and the villain was pretty awesome as well.
I loved Sand Man in 3, just wish they would of left Venom out until 4 or 5.
At least then Spider-Man 3 would be a little bit more bearable towards the end.
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Altered Thinking
Altered Thinking

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Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Movies Empty
PostSubject: Re: Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Movies   Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Movies EmptySun 19 Apr 2009 - 1:56

i actually just finished watching Iron Man and thought it was very good.

I also, when it was on, would watch Batman Beyond. I dont remember how good it was but it was good enough for me to watch it. (this guy --> Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Movies Batman-beyond-768862)

as for comics i dont think i have read very many, just some batman and scooby-doo ones...
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Favorite Comic Book/Superhero Movies
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