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 How to make good clay figures

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How to make good clay figures Empty
PostSubject: How to make good clay figures   How to make good clay figures EmptyTue 6 Apr 2010 - 23:21

Ok I am not sure if this is how you are supposed to use this forum but I will give tips on how to make good clay figures I recommend using van aken claytoon

1. always shape the clay from one piece don't add on arms or feet or anything always shape it out of one ball of clay the only exception is with small details you don't animate such as hair or eyes small details like that

2. when adding clothing to a character it is sometimes easier to flatten out a sheet of clay and then wrap it around the body of the character in stead of having a body made completely of the shirt and it goes with the rule above their are many different ways to do this though so I won't press this

3. making the characters heavier at the bottom of the feet or making really wide feet makes your character look weird unless that is what you want it to look like but if you find a nice middle ground and maybe have the upper body more flat also the head many people make these huge circular heads that lean forward and off balance the character a lot if you make a upside down bottle shaped looking head it will animate easier and be easily balanced also the face looks more spread out and less scrunched together

4. don't make giant hands that aren't proportionate to the person and most hands are really flat so make them flat

I hope this helps and if you come up with anything else tell me jocolor
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How to make good clay figures
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