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 AT - First Long Term Project

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Altered Thinking
Altered Thinking

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AT - First Long Term Project Empty
PostSubject: AT - First Long Term Project   AT - First Long Term Project EmptyThu 23 Apr 2009 - 6:24

okay, before i give some details i thought i'd ask a question (or two).

-FIRST: what is a good program to use for lip-syncing? i currently have JLipSync, but it doesnt work well with very long sounds as you cannot scroll through it when it is zoomed in. so then i have switched to Flash 8 and it seems to do the job.
-SECOND: any general tips you can give when using replacement mouths or anything general that would help me make this project turn out better.

this is my first music video and long-term project (long as in more than a week or two).

anyway, here are the details as posted earlier on my site. and as i make more progress i will update everyone here on some exclusive details and screenshots as the community here, however tiny it may be, is pretty cool.

Quote :
22 April 2009

i am starting to make a music video and have started to map out the lip-syncing to the words and made little storyboards as i go. I am using flash8 as JLipSync wont work as well with very long sounds.

i wont mention the song now unless someone actually cares what song it is.

And so far my little brother has given me the okay, so im going all out on this one!
AT - First Long Term Project Thumbs_up
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PostSubject: Re: AT - First Long Term Project   AT - First Long Term Project EmptySun 14 Jun 2009 - 0:08

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Administrator/Site owner
Administrator/Site owner

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AT - First Long Term Project Empty
PostSubject: Re: AT - First Long Term Project   AT - First Long Term Project EmptyTue 16 Jun 2009 - 2:48

I've used mouth replacement speech and the main thing to have ready are the mouths pre-made so you can just switch them (I guess you knew that). Also, it's sometimes good to have an "inbetween" mouth as some sounds between syllables aren't definite are sort of a mix of 2.
As for lip-syncing... I use iStopmotion Express which has a feature which lets you import a video of yourself saying the words and you can match your character's mouth frame by frame to what shape your real mouth is in. This also helps with timing. If you can't do this with whatever you have I suppose you could mark the audio tracks per syllable which could take a while.
E.g. "Hello, what a nice day" could be marked just with paper and a media player
so something like...

0.00 - "Heh"
0.12 - "eh"
0.17 - "LLL-"
0.25 - "Oh-"
0.67 - etc.

Then maybe you could work with that for everything.

I've never used that before and it would probably take all eternity but depends how committed you are.

AT - First Long Term Project Cruxanimationbannerone-1
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PostSubject: Re: AT - First Long Term Project   AT - First Long Term Project Empty

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AT - First Long Term Project
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